Help tourism destinations achieve their goals for tourism and economic development

Encourage project development

  • Development scheme for tourist accommodation: know where and when to encourage development of tourist accommodation in a territory, alongside its economic and tourism growth.
  • Development scheme for tourism: establish a tourism development strategy based on the characteristics of the territory, adapted to the evolution of customer expectations.
  • Business tourism observatory: estimate the impact of business tourism on a destination, in response to the actions of local players.
  • Benchmark for destinations: compare and analyse tourism-related activities in a destination with competing and similar territories, with respect to the destination’s characteristics and actions taken by local players.
  • Tourism windfall: identify tourists’ consumer habits; estimate tourism benefits for a territory, and its importance in the local economy.
  • Expert’s note: help a local government make a decision regarding a project proposal, considerations about the implementation of a tourist tax etc.

Our method

MKG Consulting uses its perfect knowledge of a geographical area and the challenges related to economic and tourism projects, as well as its global strategic outlook for development of the territory.

The interviews of various local tourism stakeholders (managers of tourist accommodation, incoming agencies, tourism board etc.) and guaranteed confidentiality of data, make it possible to ensure the most efficient collection of information possible.

The methods used are developed specifically for each destination, in order to take into consideration contexts and strategies specific to each territory.

Markets and clients

Large urban agglomerations, rural areas, mountain and beach resorts.

Conurbations, Regional and departmental tourism committees, Local Planning and Development Authorities, Convention and Tourism Bureaus, Mixed Economy development companies, Cities etc.

France, Europe, Africa, the Middle East.